Salija, Kisman and Muhayyang, Maemuna and Muhammad, Amin Rasyid (2018) Interpersonal Communication : A Social Harmony Approach. Cetakan Kedua . Badan Penerbit Universitas Negeri Makassar, Makassar, Indonesia. ISBN 978-602-5554-17-9

PREFACE Praise be to Allah SWT for his blessing so that writers can complete this book entitle: Interpersonal Communication: A Social Harmony Approach. This book is taken from the research of RISTEKDIKTI Hibah Bersaing (Competetive Research Scheme). This book provides fundamental topics on interpersonal communication. Interpersonal communication is an integral part of life, and the need to understand its importance is growing from time to time. People from all sorts of walks of life, throughout the course of their lives, the experiences that bring them joy, that define who they are, and that connect them to others are grounded in interpersonal communication. However, interpersonal communication competence is not given but it is a process that is leamed and shared. We began writing this research – based book with a high sense of optimism to cope, to some extent, with the realities of cultural diversity by acknowledging and appreciating cultural differences in the aspects of lives that our students possess. Inclusion of others is the means to a better future as pluralism is the reality particularly in Indonesian context.

Interpersonal Communication : A Social Harmony Approach. Cetakan Kedua .
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